Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

Royal Manchester Children's Hospital

Wallace & Gromit's Children's Charity provides grants for various projects, one of them being improving enivronments that children visit within the hospital. Below, Jay and his mum Natalie tell us of their experience at Royal Manchester Children's Hospital and why they think updated artwork is essential.

In June 2011, Jay was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease, a type of cancer that originates from white blood cells, which saw him admitted to the Children’s Hospital for six months where he received Chemotherapy.  Jay underwent various scans in the Radiology Department including CT Scans, bone scans, and heart scans, as well as having X-rays every three months. Jay is now in remission, which means the cancer is gone and he will have been clear for two years in November 2013.

His mum said. “The treatment that Jay has received in both the Radiology Department and Hydrotherapy Department has been second to none but something that struck me about both departments during our time there is the difference in the way they both look.  The Radiology department is – as most people would expect – a clinical, uninviting looking area with plain walls.  By contrast the Hydrotherapy Department and pool have received enhancements to give them a holiday and beach theme making Jay’s time there much more enjoyable.” 

Jay says: “The Hydrotherapy Department makes me feel calm and sometimes I forget how hard I’m working during my physio because there is so much to look at.”

Natalie continues: “Obviously the Radiology Department has done so much for Jay but I think his - and even my own experience – of the time we spent there could have been enhanced if it had a similar décor to the Hydrotherapy Department.  The distractions and interactions that the wall art and fixtures provide really do make such a difference, especially for patients like Jay who spend long periods of time in the waiting areas where children, as well as parents, can get agitated and nervous.